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Let's take this year to a whole new level !
Expect the Best
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On Saturday, January 20 and Sunday, January 21 you will have the unique opportunity to get advice, tips, and tricks from LA Voice/Performance Coach Tamara Beatty on ways to unlock the inner magic within you through your voice and performance.

Her experience includes 11 Seasons as a Coach on  "The Voice" a televised national competition show.

The workshop (usually presented to large audiences of 100+) will be given in a specialized and concentrated format tailored to the limited 15 individuals.   Registration: $225.00 per session

Mining out "Your" magic for your best performance.

How to be more compelling by knowing what to do visually on stage; What you need to know for going out on tours; doing demanding work in studio or on stage.

Workshop Topics 

Signature Sound





Audience Connection











and much more. . . . 

The importance and tips to making that connection.

Or When NOT to use technique.

Creating compelling vocal lines for the stage or studio (they're different); How to really extend your full voice range to sing with more power and impact.

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March 24 Rhea March Workshop

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